Amber Beata Jewelry
Amber Beata Jewelry
     Creating jewelry is my life.
It is how I deliver my colors to the world.
The roots of my art lie in Poland, where I needed to support myself from a young age due to the difficulties of the Communist Era. In high school, I started creating jewelry to sell at galleries and street festivals.
As I was raised on the Baltic Coast, my first love was Amber, and after traveling around the world I was exposed to the beauty of many other incredible gemstones. Over time, I introduced my pieces into high-end galleries and jewelry stores throughout the United States.
My Edi-Beti collection presents a world of color, elegance and beauty through the use of Mother Nature's diverse stones, including Baltic Sea amber, Brazilian crystals, Australian pearls, Peruvian chrysocolla and Caribbean larimar. By combining the splendor of these gems with handmade oxidized and gold-plated sterling silver, this collection reflects the inner femininity and glamour of every woman.
    ~ Beata

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