Salatino-Gandolfo Glass
Jean Salatino and Steven Gandolfo are a husband and wife team working together to create unique hand-carved glass vessels. Their work explores form, texture, light, and color. Salatino's diamond-carving draws inspiration from nature, with forms suggestive of leaves, seedpods, shells and flowers. Each piece is meticulously carved away, revealing the brilliance of the glass and celebrating its relationship to light. Gandolfo's sand-carved pieces lean more toward the graphic, exploring two-dimensional designs on three-dimensional forms. Salatino has also worked and studied at the Pilchuck Glass School.

Salatino-Gandolfo, Piano Bowl
"Piano Bowl"
Height 8" -- Width 9" -- Depth 9"
Salatino-Gandolfo, Gold Axis Ball
"Gold Axis Ball"
Height 8" -- Width 8" -- Depth 8"