Gordon Mortensen
Gordon Mortensen paintings
     As an observer, I see beauty in what might seem to be random chaos. The unexpected juxtaposition of colors, lines, shapes and textures can at first seem overwhelming but if you look closely you can find stunning beauty and structure within the chaos that is unlike anything you could plan or conceive. Fundamentally, when I'm painting I'm trying to capture and exploit the energy contained within the chaos.
To that end, each time I begin a painting my focus is on the discovery process. I ask myself, what would happen if instead of a pencil or a brush, I used a twig from a tree, a single-edge razor blade, or any other unorthodox tool that could be a source of inspiration.
Because my focus is on discovery, I deliberately try to create chaos by first applying multiple layers of colors and then scratching, gouging and removing color to reveal what's beneath. Often, I'll draw random shapes over the mash of colors and textures and then look for areas I can combine or capture within the randomness. Finally, I harness that energy and the discovered personality by combining the disorder with deliberateness into my final painting.

Gordon Mortensen, Gray & Blue Stones
"Gray & Blue Stones"
Height 36" -- Width 48"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
     Gordon Mortensen, Storm Watch Warning
"Storm Watch Warning"
Height 48" -- Width 48"
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas