Hap Sakwa
Hap Sakwa sculptor
     Hap Sakwa is an American sculptor and commercial photographer. In the 1970s~80s, he was a leader in the modern woodworking movement that revolutionized the craft, elevating it to an art form creating narrative sculptural objects using polychromed woods and 'found objects'.
From 1988 until 1993, Sakwa turned another artistic corner producing a series of pop-art mosaic and 'found object' sculptures, juxtaposing Americana imagery, word play and bright colorful patterns.
In 1994 he changed his focus to become one of the country's most distinguished jewelry photographers, with images featured on the covers and in editorial compositions of leading books and periodicals regarding the art and craft jewelry.
Following his retirement as a full time commercial photographer in 2014, Sakwa returned to his art studio constructing mixed media assemblage sculpture, revisiting old forms and concepts in the hope of once again producing a body of work that would be personally and culturally meaningful.

Hap Sakwa, Boy's Life
"Boy's Life"
Height 21" -- Width 16" -- Depth 2.5"
     Hap Sakwa, Heartsicle
Height 21" -- Width 7" -- Depth 7"

Hap Sakwa, Lucky Strike
"Lucky Strike"
Height 15" -- Width 16" -- Depth 11"
Hap Sakwa, Planter
Height 9" -- Width 16"