Jill James
Central California artist Jill James received her degree in Graphic Design from San Jose State University in 1981 while minoring in Fine Art. She is drawn to the sacred as well as the industrial elements in our world, expressing these juxtapositions by merging the primitive with the contemporary, the smooth with the rough, the machine-made with the hand-made.
She creates modern day treasures with concrete and mortar, marble dust, resin, metal, glass and wire. It's these contrasts and these materials, along with her background in graphic design, that guide and influence most of her work. Her vessels and vessel-like forms are intended for ceremonial use, to protect something special or purely to enjoy their unique form.

Jill James, Emperor's Bowl
"Emperor's Bowl"
Height 3.5" -- Width 10.75"
Medium: Cast concrete, resin glaze, I-Ching Coins
     Jill James, Inori
Height 25.5" -- Width 5"
Medium: Cast concrete, resin glaze, steel, copper