Joy Every
Joy Every paintings
     Joy Every is a nationally recognized, award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited and collected throughout California, Utah, and the Washington DC area. Her work can be found in the collection of the Security and Exchange Commission and the American Embassy in Lima, Peru among others. Joy lives and works in Oakland, California.
I use various media to express my inspiration by all aspects of nature. Each new work begins with a photographic snapshot, allowing me to play with concepts of time and memory. The resulting imagery emerges as an idealized or metaphorical version of the landscape and its elements -- creating a sense of mystery and story to tell.
I also create mixed-media, abstract landscapes which become 2D spaces of discovery for the viewer as they play with formal aspects of composition, activation of negative space, anthropomorphism, color, texture and pattern.
The many added and subtracted layers of photographs, paint and drawing build and evolve to reveal a final image, a snapshot and a metaphor for the fleeting nature of the skies, land and the world around us. The work portrays landscapes of the mind, which can be interpreted by the viewer in a myriad of ways based on their own experiences and imaginings of beautiful and mysterious worlds.

Joy Every, Curly Branches
"Curly Branches"
Height: 27" -- Width: 27"
     Joy Every, Reflection
Height: 27" -- Width: 27"

Joy Every, Colors of Winter
"Colors of Winter"
Height: 49" -- Width: 49"
Joy Every, Milkweed x 4
"Milkweed x 4"
Height: 28.5" -- Width: 27"