Serena Hazard
Serena Hazard paintings
     All my life, the natural landscape has been my home, my grounding. The horizon line is often a recognizable orientation in my paintings, yet it isn't the formal resemblance of the landscape that I'm painting. I am not interested in simply painting how the world appears.
I'm trying to capture and share the mystery that occurs between us and the landscape. Sometimes the paintings are very close to how the world appears, sometimes they are less recognizable.
I paint in my native language. It is the language spoken by the mouth of the tidal river, light in the lifting fog, dramatic, mesmerizing shifts in the landscape as the tides come in and go out. Or vast, empty western landscapes of winter white, the storms of winter-snow whiteouts, the loud silence of nighttime snowing, the glow of light under the wet canopies of a redwood forest.

Serena Hazard, Lit Up & Ready to Dance
"Lit Up & Ready to Dance"
Height 36" -- Width 48"
Medium: Oil on Canvas
     Serena Hazard, It's Almost Prophetic
"It's Almost Prophetic"
Height 48" -- Width 36"
Medium: Oil on Canvas