Shona Sculpture
Shona sculpture from Zimbabwe is one of the most significant art forms to come out of Africa in the 20th century. The Shona people have been hand carving stone into works of art for nearly a thousand years. Historical examples can be found in the Great Zimbabwe ruins.
Even though the art form is ancient, the style has continually evolved. The contemporary, evocative forms have captivated collectors around the world. The themes these sculptures portray represent esteemed values in the Shona culture of family, love, life and nature.

Bronson Gengheza
Bronson Gengheza, Shona sculptor
     Bronson Gengezha is a Zimbabwean sculptor. A native of Dzivarasekwa, he attended Ellis Robins School where he took special interest in Art History. Gengezha credits his father, Temba Gengezha, as his greatest inspiration to create beautiful works. From 1975 until his untimely death in 2001, Temba's sculptures were popular and celebrated both locally and abroad for their style and artistry.
As a child, Bronson played with stones on the floor of his father’s workshop. At the age of 17, he began to sculpt stones and hone his artistic vision under the tutelage of his father. Gengezha’s inherent creativity is evident in the skill, originality and attention to detail, which is characteristic of his work. He credits Chituwa Jemali and Dominic Benhura as largely influential in his decision to maintain a unique and distinctive style of Shona Art.
Bronson is most often inspired by nature, everyday life in Zimbabwe, and the bonds of family. He has collaborated with many noted Zimbabwean sculptors through his connection to Chipungu sculpture park. His pieces can be found in galleries and private collections throughout Germany, Canada, Australia, Holland, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. Bronson continues to be recognized for his work with Kwekwe Serpentine and Lapidolite.

Bronson Gengheza, Together Forever
"Together Forever"
Height: 23" -- Width: 10" -- Depth: 4"
38 Lbs
Medium: Chiweshe Serpentine
     Bronson Gengheza, With My Love
"With My Love"
Height: 14" -- Width: 7" -- Depth: 4"
18 Lbs
Medium: Kwekwe Serpentine

Chituwa Jemali
Chituwa Jemali, Shona sculptor
     Chituwa Jemali was born in 1969 in Harare, Zimbabwe. He attended Howson Trust Primary and Waszana High School.
He began sculpting in 1989 and was influenced by Moses Masaya, and later by Nesbitt Mukomberanwa. His primary occupation is carving, and his powerful, peaked spirit figures have become sought-after by collectors.
His work has been shown in South Africa, the United States, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Japan, Germany and Canada.

Chituwa Jemali, Chibuku Ceremony
"Chibuku Ceremony"
Height: 36" -- Width: 11" -- Depth: 9"
140 Lbs
Medium: Springstone Serpentine
     Chituwa Jemali, Unity
Height: 39" -- Width: 13" -- Depth: 7"
141 Lbs
Medium: Springstone Serpentine

James Phiri
     Sailot Ziira
James Phiri, Plant Spirit
"Plant Spirit"
Height: 23" -- Width: 17" -- Depth: 5"
46 Lbs
Medium: Guruve Serpentine
     Sailot Ziira, Guiding Spirit
"Guiding Spirit"
Height: 23" -- Width: 8" -- Depth: 4"
47 Lbs
Medium: Guruve Serpentine